What’s the Big Deal?

Why is everyone making a big fuss over The Da Vinci Code? I have never read the book and don’t know if I will watch the movie but seriously what is the big deal? I know that it pretty much tries to disprove Christianity but it is just a work of fiction and there will always be people who hate Christians and Christianity and try to do whatever to prove use wrong. This is just the latest in the ongoing attack. We as Christians need not to get our panties in a bunch about everything. We need to pick our battles and this isn’t one of them. Some Christians take these things to seriously. I am 100% Christian and love Monty Python’s Life of Brian even though some say it is a mockery of our faith. But I don’t care cause it’s funny as hell. And no matter how many movies against Christianity come out it is never going to get rid of it. We will always be a thorn in their side so we might as well just sit back, relax and what for something really important to come along to get out panties in a bunch besides a stupid ass work of FICTION.


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    February 11, 2006 at 12:09 pm

    MY hubby loves the Blues Brothers movie.

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    February 18, 2006 at 1:51 am

    The Da Vinci Code is a fiction book, correct. I think most Christians are worried because of the publicity it is already recieving, and the fact that the movie is being pushed so hard. Tom Hanks billing the movie guarantees top exposure right there, and the author of the story/movie has numerous works appearing to back up the story with fact. But I agree with you, why get so worked up? The Da Vinci Code, and the “facts” that support it, are so easy to refute just do a Google on “refuting the Da Vinci Code” and watch what happens. You and I both know that many people will go see it and say “wow” and then go home and leave it at that. Meanwhile, Passion of the Christ breaks every box office record in history, and inspires millions all over the world. Its just like evolution. Its supposed to be so dangerous but yet we teach it in every public school in America, and 97% of all Americans say they believe God created the Earth. Christians have this country locked. Don’t sweat it.

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