Thursday Thirteen

13 Ways That I’m Immature

1. I sometimes, more then I will admit, eat ice cream for breakfast.

2. When Raven asks what we’re having for dinner I tell her she’s having liver and onions and I’m having McDonald’s.

3. When we were at Walmart just before Christmas I bought Raven and myself each a new pack of crayons and coloring book. And then when I got home I wrote my name of the pack of crayons and proclaimed to everyone in the house that these where mine and not to be touched!

4. I will pout if I don’t get my way (only with my husband though)

5. I tell Raven to watch out for Wookalars, A half pig half human creature that will suck your brains right out your nose (watch The Private Eyes if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

6. I watch cartoons a lot! I love Donald Duck, The Muppets. Fraggle Rock, Foster’s Home, Grim Adventures.

7. I believe in fairy tales and monsters *evil grin*

8. I will “crazy” dance at Raven which in turn embarrasses her and she screams at me to stop which in turn just makes me do it more.

9. I skip

10. I will whine and stomp my foot at Mike.

11. I wish for snow days more then my daughter does.

12. I lick the spoon, beaters, spatula, whatever tool I use when baking.

13. I will threaten to stick things in the garbage disposal that shouldn’t go there (I never do it, just threaten too).

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    March 2, 2006 at 5:43 pm

    What’s with this “Thursday Thirteen” fad anyway?

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