Just Some Rants

Many Americans think that we should legalize prostitution and marijuana cause these are victimless crimes yet they want to tackle the real problem in America which is obesity. You’re shitting me right? Fat people are causing more problems then drugs and whores? If any of these jackasses that really believe that are reading this now then please by all means enlighten me with your reasoning for why I am causing more problems then drugs and hookers. I really want to know, seriously.

There are things in this world that we don’t like. Some thing’s should be changed (child molesters, sexual predators, murders) and others we just gotta deal with it. Like I don’t like girls that go around dressed like sluts. But do I go screaming from the roof tops that they should banned. No. Yet some who find overweight people repulsive are trying everything they can to make sure fat people are extinct. Someone else being fat is not hurting you one bit. Yet we should openly except everyone for who they are cause this is a free country expect for fat people, Christians and smokers. They need to be gone. And that is how some idiots feel. I can’t not wrap my brain around how anyone could think that is right. It boggles the mind.

On Netflix this morning I was looking at some movies and I stopped at the movie Hocus Pocus cause Raven loves that movie and I was just curious to see what other people’s reviews where. And there was a women on there that said she was Pagan and that this movie was so offensive in the way it portrayed Witches. What the fuck! If you want to be a Pagan more power to ya I don’t give a damn but witches to me and most other people will always fly around on broomsticks and have warts. You’re not a witch, your Pagan. Get down off your high horse and grow a pair! Stop taking offensive to everything. My God! It’s like walking around on egg shells cause you don’t know who you are going to offend! Do I get offended when someone makes fun of Christianity or Republicans? No. But if I did I wouldn’t be throwing a hissy fit, I just wouldn’t listen to them. I am tired of all this political correctness. It’s one of the things that is destroying our country.

I’m also tired of if you say something someone else doesn’t like they will automatically call you a racist or prejudice. People like that are bullies. They want you to be open minded with them but if you say something they don’t like then you are automatically labeled a racist or prejudice. Just cause someone does not agree with homosexuality doesn’t make them homophobic. Stop complaining how everyone should except you for how you are when you wont expect the fact that some people do not agree with your way of life. It’s a free country. If your free to live that life style then people are free to not like that life style.

Ok, I’m done with the rants for today.

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