Clearing Up Some Things

I want to clear up some things cause last night I got this comment on one of my posts by someone called EatQuisp.

So you’re a Christian, huh? I didn’t know that Christians tossed around expletives so liberally. What a nice example to set for your daughter! By the time she’s an adult, her language will be so raunchy she’ll make sailors blush. Way to go!

I won’t even tackle the whole Christian aspect of their comment. I am assuming that, that person is not Christian. Cause those are the only ones who I get on my blog telling my that Christians shouldn’t act the way I do. It’s funny, cause since they seem to think they know so damn much about The Bible and Christianity why the hell don’t they just become one?

I think I deserve a friggin cookie for not posting their email address and sending hate mail. Cause I could be a real bitch and do that. But I won’t cause that’s not right. Yes, I cuss a lot. Way to much. And I would be lying if I said it has never happened in front of my daughter. Does she cuss? Nope, she won’t even say crap cause we actually talk with our daughter about stuff like that. You can talk to anyone that knows Raven and they all will say how she is such a polite little girl. She is one of the most well behaved kids you will ever meet. I do not cuss at her. I may cuss around her but not when I’m speaking to her. I only let the explicative fly around certain company who I know is fine with it. I don’t do it out in public or around people I don’t know. Oh and on MY blog. I don’t drink in type of alcohol, do any type of drugs, break the law or anything along those lines. I’m a damn good mother, wife, daughter, niece, just a damn good person in general. So if the only thing that this dipshit can find to make me out as a bad mother is my foul language then I think I am doing pretty well. But EatQuisp, you’re one hell of a giant twit.


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    March 30, 2006 at 11:32 pm

    Today on campus, I heard this sound. Yelling. Screaming. Above everything else, there was this guy, screaming at the top of his lungs. From across the commons, I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

    Then I picked up some things. Hell. Punishment. Perish. Here was this guy, standing outside the student center, wearing a sandwich sign that said, “Repent or Perish,” and, “Accept Jesus Now.” Then his message became clearer, quoting Jonathon Edwards out of context, pronouncing judgment on all who failed to listen and take heed.

    Weird. See, I always thought that Jesus came to save, not condemn.

    So loud guy, if you’re out there, let me say that I don’t think what you did made any impact for the kingdom. I respect you’re enthusiasm and passion, but I think you are scarily misguided. Your intentions may be good. Sharing the Truth. Great. But when did Jesus stand on the corner and yell things at people about them going to hell? Is this what you think Jesus has called you to do? I’m sick of it really. I’m sick of the show and the piousness.

    I’m pretty sure that your message had little impact. Except maybe driving people farther from the kingdom. People stood and laughed, which you think means you will receive rewards for being persecuted for the kingdom. But whose kingdom is this for? Isaiah 29 talks about a kind of people who honor God with their lips, but it is all a show. Their hearts are far from Him though. It all seemed like a big display. Come one, come all and be saved from wrath of God. I’m not so sure that this was effective.

    More and more, it seems like the forensic presentation of the Gospel is ineffective for our generation. People in our culture today don’t care about hearing that they have done wrong things, and that they need to turn them around right now. It seems that our generation is looking for the message of James 2. Show no favoritism, but be authentic. The apostle Paul in Romans 12 commanded us that our love must be sincere. What use is it if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Love should be a response of our personal worship. How does someone know the Truth? By our deeds. Not by shouting at and condemning them. Show people you’re faith by loving them. Truly loving them. When we do speak, Paul says to speak the truth in love. If we do not love, then we are not sharing the true gospel. It’s just something that we made ourselves and for ourselves.

    When our words do not have merit behind them, then they are worthless. Faith without works is dead. When we condemn random people, it falls on hardened hearts that only grow harder. Christians get labeled as zealots who will take no prisoners because of you, loud guy. Why the small few get to have the say for the majority? It’s really not fair to us who are trying to build relationships and bridge gaps with to try to reach them. I really respect what you tried to do…but again, I think you are perhaps misguided.

    Looking around, I wondered if Jesus would be shouting and screaming and handing out literature that no one would take. I had to think, maybe He would be buying the homeless people that walk through campus a meal. Or sitting and talking with the new people in town. Or engaging in lives. Jesus loved the poor. And Jesus loved the broken.

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    March 31, 2006 at 1:30 pm

    I like your stance on this. I abhor the hypocrisy of Christians telling someone else that they’re not a “real” Christian. Your blog reminds me of another great one: http://yoursillygirl.blogspot.com.

    I just realized that sounded like one of those spam comments where they say something nice and then push their own site. That’s not what this is – that’s why I didn’t hotlink it.

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    March 31, 2006 at 1:31 pm

    But apparently your comments automatically hotlink anything with an http in front of it. Oops.

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    April 9, 2006 at 12:12 am

    Hello. I stumbled onto your blog after reading the title which sounded almost like it would turn out to be a parody site, like that Landover Baptist Church junk.

    I want to first make clear that nothing I say here is to condemn you. I don’t know you and I have no righ tto judge you or measure your spirituality.

    I am a Christian as well, and I myself struggle with cussing.

    I’m sure you’ve answered this a million times from other commentors on your blog before, but, as I said, I’m new here.

    I want to know, if you are willing to explain, your justification for the cussing (such as having “Jesus is my Savior” a couple inches above “Have a cup of Shut the F— up”)?

    Once again, I’m not being confrontational and I would never wish to tell you what is right and wrong, but here is what I believe.

    God calls us to be shinning examples of Him. That would be one of our main “missions from God” (I love the Blues Brothers!). I guess, I’m just saying that Christ would never say “Shut the F— up” or call someone, no matter how rude or accusing, a dipsh*t.

    From what God has taught me, we’re supposed to answer all accusation with love. Am I right?

    From what I can see on your blog, you don’t seem to struggle with cussing, you just seem to accept it and even embrace it.

    I’m not your spiritual guru, again, and I don’t want to make you upset, but I felt God tugging on me to say something.

    I don’t claim to be perfect or a “better” Christian than you or anything, just hoping you might reconsider your position on the subject. Maybe, at least, cut down on the flamboyence of it all, the celebration of curse words on your blog does doesn’t say “Christ”, in my humble opinion.

    I’m done, I honestly hope I didn’t upset you, and I hope God blesses you and your family daily.

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    April 9, 2006 at 12:32 am

    BTW, I’ve read some more of your stuff since I posted the above. You are a very smart girl and I love your “I’m fat, deal with it” attitude. I am the same (I weigh way more than you do however, so I am dieting! haha.).

    I know I said it a million times above, but I really wasn’t trying to get your goat or anything. I hate how hard it is to express emotion through comments.

    God bless, and I will be coming back to read more often.

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