It’s April

Well it’s the first of April and there are 10 more days until I turn 26 years old (April 11) and then 9 days after that Raven will turn 9 years old (April 20)! I don’t know what we will do for her birthday. I don’t think we will have a big party for her this year. We will probably just get her a little cake for the 3 of us. And of course get her presents. She has been bagging for a Nintendo DS but just cause of the Nintendogs game. I told her she doesn’t need it. In the past 4 years she has had the 3 newest gameboys and she doesn’t need the DS just for one game. Try explaining that to a determined 8 year old. Plus Mike gave her the Xbox since he got the 360. So I don’t think she needs any more electronic game consoles, at least for this year.

Raven came home Thursday a little perturbed. It seems that her “boyfriend” Kevin has broken up with her. See they where “dating” since she was in 2nd grade. But this year Kevin told her that he was going to pretend to break up with her cause his other girlfriend would be mad if she found out he was still “dating” her. So they were secret boyfriend/girlfriend for a couple of months until the other day when he broke up with her. But that’s not what Raven was P.O.ed about. She was mad cause it had gotten around to the other classmates that she has broken up with him. Yep. This is coming from 3rd graders. It’s like a soap opera.

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    April 1, 2006 at 1:49 pm

    Lol, that’s great with Raven’s little boyfriend problems. So cute!

    Maybe you could suggest some other games to Raven for the DS. I know I have Nintendo DS and I have Nintendogs…but I also have Animal Crossing and Tamagotchi Corner Shop. Maybe suggest those two games to her? They’re pretty good.

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