Big Love

I have been watching the HBO original series Big Love and even though it is not as good as Carnivale or Six Feet Under it is still very interesting and Mike and I are enjoying it. I personally don’t agree with Polygamy not one little bit, I think marriage should be between one man and one women (or any combination as long as there is a total of two adults) but as long as Polygamy is done by consenting adults (and not children being forced to marry) then more power to them. There is so much shit in this world to worry about I don’t need anymore. So just cause I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean I am going to try to fight against it. I will pick my battles and gay marriages and polygamy are not my battles. I don’t care if homosexuals want to get married, I don’t think it will hurt the sanctity of marriage especially when the divorce rate is so high and cheating spouses are an overly common occurrence. I am not in the position to pass judgment on anyone and I don’t want to thumb anyone over the head with my Bible cause … well you just shouldn’t do that with your Bible. And with our society being over run with child molesters abducting and killing our children and the justice system won’t condemn these evil fucks to death cause some pansy ass mother fuckers thinks it is inhuman to hurt these monsters … I really think that homosexuals are the least of our worries.

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    April 5, 2006 at 7:11 pm

    I absolutely ADORE the new Ewan skin! It came out gorgeous!

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