It is Easter but it is not happy. My Aunt Jo, who had a stroke in February {read here and here} was taken from the rehabilitation center to the hospital because she was vomiting and having seizers. At the hospital they found that she now also has brain cancer. I really don’t know much more then that. Raven and I are going down to Nan’s tomorrow morning to spend the day with her. She is understandably upset. It is looking like she will out live her first born, something that no parent wants to do. Please continue to pray for my Aunt.


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    April 18, 2006 at 6:08 am

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she’s ok…

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    April 18, 2006 at 3:29 pm

    Definately praying for you and yours!

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    April 19, 2006 at 3:28 pm

    OMG i am so sorry that is very sad I hope that things get better!

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