I Want To Move

Last night the neighbors and some other boy (actually they aren’t boys cause they are over the age of 18 but they sure in hell don’t act like men) where fighting. Loader then usual and the one boy was saying he was going to kill the other boy and then kill everyone else. Kids where screaming, Adults where screaming, and the fight started to move into our front yard. Since the neighbors moved in (about 3 years ago) the fights in this small town have increased immensely. It is a common thing to see them fight all around here. But not once did I ever call the cops on them, actually in my 26 years on this earth I haven’t called the police at all. That is until last night, I called 911. The operated was not nice, not one little bit. After speaking with the 911 operator, I felt like shit for calling them. The woman was rude and the tone in her voice made me feel as if I did something wrong. I would of called the police instead of 911 if it wasn’t for one small problem. Our town is unincorporated, meaning we have no actual police for this area. So I had no clue (and have heard different opinions) who to call. Should I of called the Clarksburg police, the Shinnston police or the State Police? When I asked the 911 operator she didn’t answer me so I assume she had no idea. She said she would dispatch someone over there. The police came , state trooper by the way, and talked to the neighbors and then I assume went to the other boys house. The cops have been up here many times before because of our neighbors but having the police called on them doesn’t seem to faze them one little bit. So really what can you do? I would love to move away from here, have a farm with acres of land and no neighbors in sight. I liked this town until 3 years ago, now I hate it.

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    Mark Pettus
    April 27, 2006 at 11:29 am

    You need to pick up your phone and call your county commissioner. Tell him or her what happened, and how you were treated by the 911 operator. Then call the local newspaper and ask to speak to a reporter. Tell the reporter what happened, and that you have called the county commissioner to complain.

    You’ll be amazed. Trust me. 🙂

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