The Loonies Are Out

Some loonies (that’s my attempt at being nice) are now saying that 9/11 was all a conspiracy. Yep, these jackasses are trying to con people into believe it was the government. And the scariest part is there are actually people that are buying it. I remember 9/11 very clearly. Raven was in her room picking out what toy she was going to bring to preschool and I was in the living room doing the usual cleaning with the tv on. When the first plane hit and they broadcast it I stopped every thing I was doing and just watched stunned. Then the second plane hit and there was no delay so you seen it live. I did not know anyone who died because of these terrorists actions on 9/11 but that made me no less very sadden by what had happen. And some dumbasses are now trying to make a buck by pretty much making light of what happened to these brave and innocent men and women who’s lives where taken by cowards. And don’t give me any shit about the terrorists being brave cause they are not fucking brave! Killing innocent people does not show bravery! It’s pure cowardice!

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    June 30, 2006 at 6:54 pm

    so you saw it on TV, eh? that makes you the premier source for it, i guess. i’ll make sure to consult you whenever a question on 9/11 comes up, since you seem to know everything about it. and who can forget the intrinsic link between the terrorists and the “conspiracy nuts?” i bet they’re in on this together! those bastards, they’re jealous of our freedom!

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