Scottish Festival and Celtic Gathering

We went to the Scottish Festival and Celtic Gathering in Bridgeport last Saturday May 6. The main reason we went was so Raven could see Albannach again. She got to meet all the members of the band and they autographed their CD for her and she got her picture taken with Jamesie Johnston. She was so happy!

To view more pictures of Albannach visit our photo gallery here.

Mike also video taped their performance which was amazing! You can view the first part of it below.

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    March 29, 2008 at 4:08 pm


    Thank you for posting the video of Albannach. I just saw them for the first time in March 2008 at the Florida RenFest in Deerfield Beach. I fell in love with them immediately. I have both CDs and 1 DVD. Again, thanks for the post…it is the best video I’ve seen yet.

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