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Something that I have noticed lately that makes me shake my head in frustration is that a lot of atheists complain about Christians trying to push their beliefs on them yet they continue to do everything in their power to try to ridicule and put down Christians and disprove the theory of creationism. Now, I would never try to push Christianity on someone. I have friends of many different religious and spiritual beliefs and I respect their choices and would never ever think about putting down their choices or try to make them feel stupid just cause I don’t agree with them. That to me is childish and very disrespectful. Yet, while surfing the Internet I find many blogs by atheists that do nothing but insult Christians simply cause they do not agree with them. Why? Why do you feel the need to insult a very large group of people just cause you do not feel the same way? You say that you are some how more sophisticated cause you have no religion yet you act like a 6 year old calling names. They say how Christians are so closed minded but you better damn well believe they don’t have an open mind for our religion. You can’t expect people to respect your beliefs when you won’t respect theirs. And whether you like it or not Christianity isn’t going away anytime soon, so why don’t you stop the insults and shock language and grow up. You need to deal with the fact that there is people out there that do not share your beliefs. And if you can’t deal with that and have to resort to calling us stupid then you have bigger problems that need to be taken care.


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    May 16, 2006 at 2:15 pm

    Amen. I wholeheartedly agree. Your daughter is so cute, you should both be proud =] I wish I knew about the Scottish/Irish fair (I was reading your previous blogs), I’ve been dying to buy my boyfriend a good quality kilt for some time now. Haha. =]

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    May 24, 2006 at 2:42 pm

    Well, there really is no “theory of creationism.” A scientific theory is accepted fact backed by evidence, Amanda. Creationism doesn’t qualify because the only evidence supporting the idea comes from two separate creation stories (Genesis 1 & 2) from a book that is millenia old.

    This is why you think “atheists” (more like scientists and rational people) are attacking Christianity: they are reacting to the strong anti-evolution, anti-science movement among Christian fundamentalists.

    The reason we are having this very discussion is because science has gone unimpeded throughout history.

    I am not an atheist, but I will stand with them to defend the truth: a truth backed by evidence.

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    May 24, 2006 at 4:35 pm

    jbruno0, I couldn’t care less what you believe. My whole post was about atheists who put down others just for the simple fact that they do not agree with their beliefs.

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    May 27, 2006 at 8:54 am

    Hi There!

    I’m enjoying your blog and had to comment on this post.

    I am an Agnostic (fence sitter) who depending on the day leans heavily towards Atheism … and I agree with you!

    I have seen this behaviour from so-called sceptics and Atheists particularly CFI and the Humanist movement.

    Why this childish behaviour … because your beliefs threaten them. These are the same people who would ban all non-secular Art, Music, Construction, based on the concept that faith leads to a lack of willingness to understand the physical universe. This is rubbish!

    I could list numerous scientists who also practice a religious faith … one such example is Prof. Michael DeRobertis of York University Astro/Physics dept. who is a Roman Catholic.

    Science can and does co-exist with faith ….

    To quote Albert Einstein ” Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind.”


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