Where Have I Been?

The few people that actually read my blog may have been wondering where I have been, or maybe y’all don’t give a shit but I will go ahead and tell ya. I haven’t written anything in awhile cause I have the dreaded writers block with a dash of not really being in the mode to post. Yep, it sucks. I have watched the news, which usually gives me something to talk about but it’s the same old shit (child molesters killing our kids, fat people are ruining this world, Christians are evil, poor little rich Britney Spears never gets a break, ect) that I have bitched and moaned about on this blog many times before and I don’t feel like rehashing it again. At least not anytime soon. So I have been “trying” to get the upstairs hall way repainted and playing Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion on the Xbox 360.

Here is a great little clip of Ewan from Lipstick On Your Collar, his first tv show in 1993. Enjoy.

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