Feminist says Mourn Steve Irwin = Idiot

So some dumbass feminist, Germaine Greer author of The ‘Female Eunuch’, is saying that Steve Irwin was a disgrace and harassed animals. That’s not the only shit spewing out of this moronic women’s mouth. She also says that anyone who mourns Steve Irwin is an idiot. What the fuck is wrong with this person? People like this shouldn’t be allowed in public! It doesn’t matter what your personal views are of someone, have some fucking respect for their passing and their family. I hate Michael Moore but if he would pass away I would not be a immoral jackass and say stupid shit like Germaine Greer. We were happy not knowing who the hell you where Ms. Greer. You are using someone else’s tragedy to get yourself recognized. Your idiotic comments are just a cheap attempt to get your name in the spotlight. Shame on you!

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    September 7, 2006 at 3:54 pm

    Amanda, I will keep this short and sweet

    Germaine Greer is a complete ass hole.

    There short and not so sweet enough.

    OK now you have got me started, how can any individual try to make themselves look so high and mighty and stuck up and pompous and self rightios at the expense of another persons accidental death.

    What about the joy that this guy (sometimes so aggrevating with his mad releases of energy and the the way he bounced along when he talked *smiling here*) He has single handedly brought nature closer to real people like you and me, and more importantly our kids.

    Sorry I did say short

    Be safe


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