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Early this morning I get a very long comment on my post ACLU Loves Child Molesters from someone named Randy. It’s too long to post here so I’ll just give you the link to it. http://www.kickass.4everlasting.com/?p=302

Randy writes that the parents who children are molested and killed should be punished cause they could of stopped what was going to happen. You sir are a fucktard! You can not watch your child 24 hours of the day. You can’t and it is not possible. No matter how much you watch them and protect them there is still going to be instances where you will not be able to monitor them. Wether it be at school or your in the kitchen and they’re in another room. You brought up Jessica Lunsford’s father being out all night. If I’m not mistaken he was out with a friend and Jessica was with her grandparents in her room in her home. What if he had been at work would that make him less responsible? Would you want them to not work and be on welfare? He left her with his responsible parents! If that sick fuck John Evander Couey wanted to get to her he would of found a way no matter what even if that meant killing the parents to get to her.

Randy then goes on to say we are pointing our fingers at innocent people. Once again Sir you show just how much of a Fucktard you are. If you are a sexual predator you are not an innocent person!!

I am all for personal responsibility! Don’t blame Mcdonalds for making you fat or the tobacco companies for giving you cancer. But a person who roams school yards and parks looking for their next child victim is the guilty party.

And as if Randy couldn’t be more of a fucktard he goes to talking about homosexual’s injustice as if it was the same as a sexual predator. Being gay is not anywhere on the same page as being a child molester, hell it’s not even in the same book!

So with all this shit spewing out of Randy it makes me wonder who he is. Is he a supporter of the ACLU? Maybe his name is on the sexual predators list. It doesn’t really matter.


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    September 29, 2006 at 10:31 pm

    I wonder how much experience with watching children our good friend Randy has.

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    September 30, 2006 at 4:12 am

    Randy is dipshit among dipshits. He says in one remark that parents of child molestors should be punished and then on the other that YOU are out to get innocent people. What an asshole. Jessica Lunsford’s dad doesn’t need that kind of crap from Randy or anyone else. By all accounts he was a good dad and is still grieving.

    By the way, it occured to me that you are the only one that didn’t get my new link Amanda. Sorry. Here: http://christmatters.freepa.org

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