West Virginians are smarter then you think

While browsing the web I have found many blogs and message boards that disregard West Virginia and it’s people has ignorant racist hicks that are too stupid too know what is happening around them and need to learn proper English and how West Virginia is a scary place. I wonder if these idiots have ever even visited West Virginia? It is a very beautiful state with gorgeous mountains and sparkling lakes, rivers and streams. Most of the people you will encounter are very pleasant. Of course we have some assholes but no more then any other state and probably a bit less. We are not dumb people. We go to college, and West Virginia University is a very respected college. We have computers and are up in all the latest technology just as any other state would be. Our NASA department which is located in Fairmont WV are the ones who tested the shuttle, Discovery, software for the landing mission. There are many small business owners (my husband and I included) that are doing quite well and we have a very diverse community more then what you would probably expect. Besides the normal Caucasians and African Americans you will also find many people who are Asian and Middle Eastern. We have also acquired more then a few of New Orleans residents who have now decided to live in West Virginia. Hell, we even have Starbucks! Living in West Virginia you have the best of both worlds, city and country. I don’t understand how someone can be so ignorant as to write off a whole state based on some low minded assumptions. Probably heard a joke about West Virginia and took it as the truth. Some people seemed to be filled with so much hate that they try to direct it upon everyone else. It’s a shame really, I feel sorry for them. Having such a simple mind must be a horrible way to live, but of course they don’t know they have a simple mind since they seem to think they are a genius. And as far as the whole not speaking English correctly. I use the word y’all a lot. And I am not going to stop using it just cause someone thinks I’m an idiot. No one in America speaks the English language correctly. We’re all guilty of butchering it. If you really want to hear proper English then move to Britain.

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