The Ramones & Republicans

Last night a visitor left a comment on one of my post that was both odd and disturbing to me.

How could you be a Republican? How do normal people that like the Ramones become seduced by the GOP?

The most disturbing part of this was that they just assume certain people are liberal and that if you are not then you are not normal or have been “seduced”. When in fact I think for myself and just cause it is different then what liberals think doesn’t mean I’m not normal in anyway. I mean really, who has the most outrageous views the right or the left? It’s the left, that’s why they are called loony. The right has more traditional views, views that this country has had from the beginning. That’s why they call the right unintelligent hicks.

Oh and by the way Johnny Ramone was a fiercely Republican-voting, NRA-supporting musician. And if I am not mistaken Joey Ramone was also supportive of the Republican party. So just cause the “new” punk is coming off Liberal doesn’t mean that’s how the kings of punk where. You can also include Alice Cooper to the list of Republicans

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