PETA Sucks!

I absolutely hate PETA. I love animals and have had numerous pets though out my 25 years on this earth. I have talked to many PETA activists and none of them seem to have any pets and I find that quite odd. They seem to be more worried about starting controversy then in helping animals. PETA shelters have the worst adoption rate and kill hundreds of animals a year that they can not find homes for. How does throwing red paint on a model that wears fur help animals? The should of taken the money they used to make those dumb comics entitles “Your Mommy Kills Animals” and helped some poor animal that has been abandoned. PETA has even gone as far as saying that seeing eye dogs and just having a pet in general is cruelty to animals. What the fuck? This proves to me that PETA knows shit about animals and does not have the animals interest at heart. Most people treat their pets better then they treat most humans. I would welcome any PETA member to visit my home and see how well my german shepherd lives. Anyone that has owned an animal knows that dogs don’t seem truly happy unless they have a family. Someone to love them, take care of them, play with them and give them a good life. PETA seems to just want them to run around the world, eating out of garbage cans and having no shelter. Do they not think that is cruelty to animals? I think PETA has their heads stuck up their arse. On the other hand if you are looking for a reputable animal group there is no need to look any further. ASPCA is a wonderful charity that actually helps animals unlike PETA. I have been a member of the ASPCA for years and will continue to support them in their efforts. And if you would like to know more about why PETA sucks you can visit PETA KILLS ANIMALS. So to all you PETA supporters, go head and let the bashing of my character and whatever else you can insult me about begin.

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