Civilized Society

When I hear people say that we as a society have become more civilized I want to bust out laughing cause that is one hell of a lie! We are not more civilized. Yes, we are more technology wise but our common sense, morels and manners are pretty much excitant. Don’t get me wrong, I love my computer and ipod and don’t want to do without them but just because we have all these neat gadgets to make life easier doesn’t mean that we are more civilized then people from say the Little House of the Prairie days. Take child molesters, today the streets are running rapid with them and if there was a child molester back then that evil bastard would be hung. Today, we put them in prison for a couple of years and then let them back on our streets to pray on more innocent children. And now some of our oh so civilized people want to skip prison for these monsters and send them to a rehabilitation center. Cause the rights of criminals are more important then the rights of their victims or the rights of every other innocent person that they put into contact with these stupid fucks. Why is putting to death someone who has taken an innocent life in cold blood a barbaric thing to do? The thing is, it’s not barbaric. It’s just that some pansy ass twits came up with that to make it seem that anyone who is for the death penalty is not civilized. Showing criminals that we as a society are not going to stand for the murders, child molesting, raping, and that they have to abide by the law is not barbaric, turning a blind eye to it is. Instead of sending these evil fucks known as child molesters to prison or a rehabilitation center we should turn them over to the victims family and let them deal with these monsters however they see fit. But we would not be allow to do something like that cause it would infringe on the rights of these criminals. Cause we are so civilized that we let the criminals run free and shame anyone who wants them taken out of our society. And anyway it’s not the child molesters and other criminals that are ruining our society, it is obesity. Cause it’s more important to be a size 0 then it is to keep our children safe. Yep, we are one hell of a civilized society.

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