Our New Cell Phone

Mike is the type of man that shops around for the best deals. I know that if he is picking something out it will be of high quality with the best features and a good price. This is something that I love about him. That is why I in trusted him in picking out my engagement ring and our matching wedding rings over 5 years ago. So weeks ago when he started talking about getting a cell phone again I knew he wouldn’t rush into anything and would be looking around for a while.

So after careful consideration, Mike went out and got him a new cell phone Thursday afternoon. He decided to go with Sprint this time. Last time we were with US Cellular and really liked them but when Mike was shopping around for plans he found that they no longer had the plan we use to use and all their new plans would not fit what we needed. So he checked on a few other companies. Sprint had the free nights and weekend plan that started at 7pm, unlike US Cellular that started at 9pm and Sprint cell phones had more features that Mike was wanting. So he went with Sprint. He got the Sanyo M1 (multimedia phone). It’s a great slick looking phone and has many cool qualities like streaming music, 2.0 megapixel camera and video camcorder, bluetooth enabled and 1GB of internal memory. So you can listen to music, watch videos, surf the web, take pictures and video tape all from this one little phone. And even with all the hills surrounding our home we get great reception in our house, something we didn’t have with US Cellular.

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