Report Cards and Ear Infections

Raven got her report Friday. All A’s. We have been pretty damn lucky so far. She has always enjoyed school and I hope to God that she continues to enjoy it and do well throughout her elementary, junior and high school experience. Just one more school year after this one and she will have graduated to junior high school. Time sure flies by faster as you get older. It’s hard to believe that Mike just turned 28 on the 8th of this month and I will be 27 in just 3 weeks and that Raven will be 10 in less then a month! Where does the time go!

London has an ear infection in his right ear. We ordered him ear infection medicine yesterday and it was shipped out today and should be here by Friday. Poor thing. You can tell he doesn’t feel good, you can see it in his eyes and by the way he hangs the one ear down lower then the other. He is actually looking quit pathetic right now

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