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BloggersChoiceAwards.com is a new blogger awards site that allows bloggers to vote on other bloggers in many different types of categories such as Beast Parenting Blog, Freakiest Blogger and Most Obnoxious Blogger. They even have a Worst Blog Of All Time category and you know there are people out there loving that! And I have to say I am looking forward to nominating and voting on quit a few sites that I have in mind. The only problem I see is that there are more then a few sites in the Best Parenting Blog that I love and how could I possibly pick which one is the best! Both rockstarmommy.com and thedomesticdiva.org are listed and I love both of them dearly. Decisions, Decisions.

One of the categories is Hottest Daddy Blogger and I had the honor of nominating Eric from triggerwicked.com in that category. It amazes me that he wasn’t all ready listed on there cause lets face it. He’s a blogger, who is a daddy and he is hot!

The winners will be announced at PostieCon which is PayPerPost’s blogging convention that is being held in Orlando, Florida on June 2.

So head on over and vote for your favorite or nominate some worthy blogger who isn’t already listed.

What are you waiting for a hand written invitation? Go vote you sons of a silly person!*

*10 points to anyone who gets that reference.

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    April 7, 2007 at 7:22 am

    I hate having to make decisions like that. I looked at some of the sites in the awards, and they are good. the rockstarmommy one is interesting. I didn’t even know there were blogger awards. I’ll have to check it out more, and find out who won and stuff

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