Working At Home Is Work

What is it with some people! When they hear that I work from home they automatically think that I do not work as hard as they do or I just sit on my butt doing nothing. That is complete and utter bullshit! I have worked outside of the home and yes it was harder physical then what I am doing now but that’s it. Mentally and emotionally working from home is harder for me. One of the main reasons is cause some people think that since I am home working that I can stop everything I am doing to deal with their problems cause working at home isn’t really a job. To these people I want to say “Kiss My Ass”!

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    April 13, 2007 at 10:35 am

    Haha Go Manda! I agree that working from home is hard work. I hate when people think that as long as you don’t work for someone outside of your house, you just sit around all day. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way haha; there’s always work to be done.

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