Ok For One, Not For The Other

“The Board of Directors of The Latino Coalition today called on CNN to condemn the statements by Jack Cafferty during his appearance in CNN’s The Situation Room on March 12th. During the show, Mr. Cafferty referred to the U.S. Attorney General as the “President’s Water boy”. CNN should follow the steps of CBS and MSNBC during the Imus scandal and fire Mr. Cafferty.

“This kind of rhetoric from a journalist is simply unacceptable and racist,” said TLC President Robert G. Deposada. “We cannot be hypocritical when it comes to racist statements in our national media. If the Attorney General was an African American, and Mr. Cafferty would have called him a water boy, the entire media establishment and civil rights organizations from across the country would be calling for Mr. Cafferty’s firing.”

“Attorney General Gonzales is a highly qualified and very accomplished professional. For anyone to call this highly respected Latino a water boy, is simply outrageous and shows enormous amounts of prejudice,” Deposada added.

Where are all the people who jumped on the Imus bashing? Isn’t this the same damn thing?

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