Sat-If-Day : You’re My Star!

If you could spend 24 hours with a celebrity:

Who would s/he be?
I would diffidently choose Ewan McGregor.

Where would you expect him/her to bring you?
I wouldn’t care as long as I was with him.

Where would you bring him/her to?
Not sure.

What would you like to do with him/her?
Everything and then some.

What’s the one thing you’d been always wanting to ask the celebrity?
Will you marry me.

If s/he didn’t treat you well, would s/he be your favorite celebrity? This is a tough one cause I really don’t know. I would want to say no but then again . . .

What would you give to him/her as a gift before saying goodbye so s/he’d remember you? Saying Goodbye? I wouldn’t say goodbye. I would keep him locked to the radiator so he could never escape.

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