The Watershed

Having seen the destruction that addiction can cause I know that getting help is a necessary step cause you can not do it alone. And with Watershed they can help you do just that. Watershed is a leading alcohol treatment provider that offers medical detoxification and rehabilitation for those suffering with the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. As a patient you will receive an unprecedented level of care by highly trained and skilled professionals who have experience in helping people find the right long term recovery for the individual.

The Watershed has facilities located in Houston and in the Boca Raton and Palm Beach areas of Florida.

They also offer 24 hour information with their toll free number or you can chat live with a counselor from your computer.

Whether you want a free assessment, referral or just an understanding ear, their counselors are always there for you. The Watershed has successfully treated thousands of alcohol and drug addicts and have help them to get their lives put back on track.

If you would like more information please visit their website thewatershed.com. They offer where tons of free information, 24 hour referrals and an online chat with a qualified counselor.

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