HDTV Tuesday

I have posted before about my wonderful employer that I love with a passion payperpost.com, an ad network site. See, advertisers go to PayPerPost and create opportunities. These opportunities are to write about and/or review a product, service, website or whatever. The blogger takes the opportunities they want and write a post about it with the specifics that the advertiser stated. Pretty much you blog for cash. The minimum amount you are paid for an opportunity is $5 but can range into the thousands for one post. And it seems as if PayPerPost is always looking for new and exciting ways for their posties to make some extra money.

I have been a member there for two months and have all ready made over $1400! That’s more then what I made working part time at Walmart and I don’t have to leave my home or worry about finding someone to watch Raven! I continue to be the stay at home mom and bring in more income then with a part time job!

As if PayPerPost couldn’t get any better they are having a new promotion that will run until the end of this month called HDTV Tuesday! Along with getting paid for your PPP Opps, you can earn cool products such as Apple TVs and PS3s every Tuesdays!

HDTV Tuesday is proudly sponsored by Bid4Prizes, a cool auction site with a twist!

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