Paris Hilton is Mentally Unstable

Paris Hilton’s psychiatrist says she’s “distraught and traumatized” and “fears incarceration” over her 45-day jail sentence, and is using that to get Paris out of testifying in a $10 million slander and libel suit against her by actress Zeta Graff. .

Hilton is facing an order to testify in the civil trial beginning May 21, but the psychiatrist argues that “given (Hilton’s) current psychological, and emotional state … (she’s) not capable of any meaningful participation in a trial.”

Has Paris Hilton ever done anything to make you think she is mentally and emotionally stable? Not me. I thought she was loony the first time I seen her and then as if to squash any doubt in my mind she opened her mouth and I was 100% convinced that this girl isn’t rowing with two oras.

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    May 16, 2007 at 12:31 pm

    Paris Hilton is mentally unstable?

    No way…

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