Friday5 – Preparedness

-At this moment, how many rolls of toilet paper are there in your house?
I think we have 5 rolls of toilet paper. We are going to defiantly go grocery shopping this week.

-At this moment, how many working flashlights are there in your house?
We have 2 flashlights both with dead batteries in them but Mike’s headlight that he uses for fishing has working batteries.

-Do you know where some candles and matches are?
Yep. I have candles out the ass and matches keep in two different places plus a couple of lighters in the sink drawer.

-If the power were to go out right now, how long could you probably get by on the food in your house?
We could get by for at least a week if we where able to start some sort of fire cause our stove is a gas stove but it has an electric ignition but then again I am sure we could light it with a match.

-It’s someone’s birthday, and you’ve GOT to come up with something to give him or her RIGHT NOW! What have you got?
Well I guess I would have to do the dreaded re-gift. But I also could just go online and print out a gift certificate from so store.

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