Card For Teens

Kids are always going to be kids. They will, at sometime or another, lose or misplace their money. One way around this is getting them a Prepaid Card.

Payjr.com created a reloadable Visa Buxx program that works like a debit card. The parent places the
child’s allowance on the card and their child can only spend said amount of money. And since it is reloadable the parent can continue to add funds to it.

Payjr.com’s prepaid card will help educate teens about budgeting, earning money, responsibility and spending discipline. It is a great parenting tool to help them become independent. Plus Payjr.com allows the parent to have complete control over the card. You can monitor the spending, suspend the card and control how much money is available on the card.

It was recently featured in a CBS News article and in July they are launching the newest option to design your own card.

This is something that every parent of a teen should check into.

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