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BackgammonMasters, who recently created a buzz with their animated Tiger with a french accent named Jean-Claude, is at it again. The online game company is expanding their business worldwide with paying close attention and placing resources on Latin American markets. They are the first company to ever introduce an online version of Perudo which is a very popular Spanish dice game. But don’t worry they are not abandoning their roots and will still continue to offer poker and backgammon games. Because of their growth and popularity, BackgammonMasters will be opening a branch office in Central America.

If there was any doubt before it should be squashed now that BackgammonMasters has established itself as an important leader in the world’s major online game playing regions.

BackgammonMasters studies and listens to the demands of it’s customers which allows them to be able to provide the games that are most popular and desired in that specific region.

BackgammonMasters’ software and all in one game that is available in one simple download, allows the player to enter one game lobby and select from the long list of games including backgammon, perudo, poker and more. Plus they will soon be releasing the game blackjack to their list of many available online games.

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