Better The Ever!

PayPerPost just keeps getting better. As if the 10K Tuesdays they offered in April and the HDTV Tuesdays that is going on for the month of May wasn’t enough. Now PayPerPost is offering a way to cut out the massive overhead in the blog ads with their latest project entitled PPP Direct.

PPP Direct allows the posties (that’s the person writing the blog) to negotiate the details (price, word count, things of that nature) with the advertiser without going through PayPerPost which will earn you more money.

Unlike ReviewMe (which is a PPP competitor) PayPerPost really knows how to treat their posties! ReviewMe charges a 50% to 100% markup and they keep up to half of your money! But with PPP Direct you are only charged a small fee of 10% with 5% of that going to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing.

Getting started with PPP Direct couldn’t be easier. If you scroll on down and look under the Misc section on my sidebar you will see a badge that says hire me. What you do is log on to PayPerPost.com and set your minium price. You then add the code to your blog. If an advertiser likes your site and wants to hire you they click on that badge and send you an offer. You, the postie, will then either accept or decline said offer. That’s it!

To learn more about this cool new feature you can read the article and also view their instructional video. Or you can always see it in action at Andybeard.eu/.

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