Have A Back-Up Plan

With my love of photography comes the hassle of storing all my photos. And with mine being manly digital that means I have loads of pictures on disks and tons more stored on our computer. And I would hate to lose all my irreplaceable photos if something happened to our computer so the other day I was looking at some online backup services and I came across IDrive-E.

IDrive-E is a leading consumer of online backup service. Their basic plan is free and offers up to 2 GB. They also have a Pro plan that is only $4.95 a month and you get unlimited storage! Both plans are secure, fast and appear as an encrypted mapped drive on your PC for easy restore. It’s a great way for you to protect your photos, videos, MP3s, emails or any type of financial documents.

Plus with their recent enhancements you are able to create and manage multiple accounts which is a great way for us to store our important documents for our business.

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    June 1, 2007 at 6:16 am

    A backup service sounds like a good idea. Our computer crashed last summer and our pictures.. yeah you know. Well we have them all on cds now, we paid a guy to rescue them for us since no one in my family is really a computer expert.

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