Q1 – Pictures : How do you feel about having your picture taken without your permission? For instance, if you were in a public setting—say a park or restaurant—and you noticed a stranger taking your picture, would you say something?
I would rather be on the other end of the camera.

Q2 – Conservation: Do you follow municipal requests to conserve water during dry periods?
As best as I can.

Q3 – Birthdays: According to the latest figures I could find, there are approximately 6,717,024,080 people living on planet Earth today (give or take a few hundred thousand). [Taking into consideration that there are 365 days in a year] approximately 18 million people share your birthday (I know, statistically speaking, not the best way of calculating the frequency of birthdays, but you get the point). How many people do you know who share your birthday?
I do not know anyone who shares my same birthday.

Q4 – Kevorkian Schmavorkian?: Jack Kevorkian will be released from jail today after serving more than eight years of a 10- to 25-year sentence in the assisted death of a Michigan man. The only U.S. state that allows physician-assisted suicide is Oregon, where the law allows only terminally ill and mentally competent adults who can self-administer medication to ask a physician to prescribe life-ending drugs. Do you think physician-assisted suicide should be allowed, or did Michigan get it right back in 1999 when they found Kevorkian guilty of second-degree homicide?
I am undecided.

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