The Boy Who Cried Racist

If someone is bl*ck, you must not mention it. A Massachusetts jury convicted a bl*ck man of murdering a white woman but there is now a move afoot to have the verdict appealed because some jury members were “racist”. What made them racists? Apparently, during jury deliberations, one juror referred to the defendant as “an intimidating big bl*ck guy” and another referred to him as “”200-pound bl*ck guy”.

So mentioning the obvious is now racist in Massachusetts. Why am I not surprised?
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So is it racist to say “A skinny white guy”?

Have we got so fucked up as a culture that you can not even mention someone’s race without being called a racist? If your black your black if your white your white that’s what you are. Just cause someone says it when describing you doesn’t mean that person is racist or prejudice. I would not be offended if someone said I was a white girl cause well hell I am.

It’s like the story of the little boy who cried wolf. With everyone that cries racist it makes it harder for people to take seriously the real ones.

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