Weekend Alone

Mike left this morning at 11 to go on his Katmasters.com fishing get together at the Ohio River. He will come home sometime Sunday. So that means Raven and I have the house to ourselves for the weekend. Well, actually just for tonight cause Saturday she will be staying the night with my mom so I will have the house to myself Saturday night. I will get to catch up on some movies I have been wanting to see like The Messengers, John Carpenter’s newest film Pro-Life (which I have been waiting forever for him to make a new movie) and John Landis’s Family. I will probably spend sometime with my mom and Nan Saturday when I take Raven down there.

Nan has been worrying us some. She has been talking about death lately and who gets what when she dies. Last weekend Raven and I was down vising with her and mom (with my Aunt Lois and cousin Missy aka Sis) and Nan started talking about dying again. So me and Aunt Lois started joking about our funerals. I have all ready said that if I go before Mike I want mom and Aunt Lois to start the rumor that Mike might have poisoned me. Mike doesn’t find that funny one bit but I think it’s hilarious. Aunt Lois said she wants a purple tomb stone with flashing lights so everyone knows where her grave is. I told her we could record her saying something and then rig it up to a motion sensor so whenever someone would pass her grave it would shout out “Get the hell off my property”. And I want whoever is in charge of my funeral to rig up a hand in front of my grave that pops up whenever someone goes by. This got Nan to laughing. I don’t know why she is know obsessing over death. She has never been one to worry about such things. My Nan turned 82 years old in May and she has always been a fun “old lady”. You can joke with her about anything even if it would normally offend other people Nan just laughs along with us or tell us “Bullshit”. She’s pretty close to being like Sophia from The Golden Girls. She is one hell of a lady.


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    Faith Bowie
    June 8, 2007 at 12:57 pm

    You know, The Messenger’s is on Netflix now, it’s at the top of my queue. And, yes, damn it, I’m still lurking on your site. I’m interested if not a bit creeped out now by how much we have in common ( reading your about page and linkes, ect ) and how much we’re exactly opposed on.

    My stepdad did that a lot, talk about when he was going to die, it was more emotional blackmail on his part, though. If he didn’t get what he wanted for dinner, here comes the “When I’m dead” or “I’ll be dead soon” talk. Kind of retardulous, actually.

    Your Nan sounds cool, though, but I can understand feeling like you need to get things in order. I always feel like that, like if I don’t do it now, it’ll be a mess when I’m worm furikake. It’s probably just something weighing on her mind, and it may be a good idea to really have a heart to heart with her about it, because she’s not bringing it up for nothing, right? I mean, who wants to talk about that if they don’t feel they have to?

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    Marie Claire
    June 11, 2007 at 9:47 am

    You nan sounds nice! When I used to talk about death with my nan she used to tell me that when she dies she is going to throw us flowers – but she died and I haven’t got any flowers yet. Lol, oh well. Have a nice week 🙂

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    June 11, 2007 at 11:26 am

    It’s a good thing to decide who is going to get what when you die. But I can understand how that might make people uncomfortable. Some people really don’t like talking about death. My friend used to talk about dying a lot but I think she just grew out of it. If you don’t tell people how to you want things once you are gone how are they supposed to know? I have told my mom that I want her to plant some sunflowers on my grave because they are my favorite flower and I will make sure they continue to grow from the other side.

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