Three Years To Go

Raven is ten years old. So that means in three years she will be thirteen and officially a teenager *Gasp*. I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to having to deal with a teenager. Even though Mike and I are a younger set of parents I know that we will still have problems making her believe that we understand what she is going through. Hopefully she will not make some of the mistakes Mike and I made during our youth. Not only do I have what we went through but also what other parents have confided in us about their teens problems and situation. And I am not just talking about the normal teenager problems like mouthiness. I am talking about serious problems such has drug abuse or falling in with the wrong crowd.

I hope and pray that we are the lucky ones and Raven by passes all those serious problems that more and more teens are getting mixed up it. Cause I do not know if Mike and I could handle all those problems alone without some kind of help.

If you are parent and are looking for Help For Troubled Teens then you should head on over to HelpforTroubledTeens.net. They are a website that covers important topics about struggling teens and the problems they face such has drug / alcohol abuse, abortion, boarding school information and reviews and programs to help your teen.

Even if your teen is not having to deal with any of the above problems all parents of teens should still check out HelpforTroubledTeens.net cause they offer suggestions for families on how to handle disagreement, tips on better monitoring and even how to set limits for your teen.

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