Place Tongue Firmly In Cheek

It’s never save to go skinny dipping and Kramer Roche, a canine in Nashville known for mole eradication, has recently found that out. Someone shot video footage of Kramer while he took a refreshing dip in a pond naked to cool himself off from the summer heat and the video has now some how ended up on Youtube. Some of the footage was taken with a submerged Axis 212 video web camera that was placed in the pond specifically to watch the fish. This submerged camera got an up close and personal view of Kramer Roche’s private area. This incident which has gotten much media attention has gave other victims the courage to come forward.

One of the victims that goes by the name Lainey came forward with her tell of emotional trauma when some neighborhood thugs pushed her in that pond and was caught on the same submerged camera has Kramer.

Anita Weiner, privacy advocate and legal expert for the Canine Privacy Rights Foundation, says this is an invasion of Kramer’s privacy and he should seek legal action against the person responsible for shooting the video. Karmer states that he is exploring all his options.

You can view the video at TapeOnline Blog – Torqued off Dog Mulls Legal Action. But please be warned that the footage is graphic and shouldn’t be viewed by children.

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