Wednesday Mind Hump

Time for the Wednesday Mind Hump.

1. Have you ever cut or burned yourself while cooking?
I am a complete klutz at times so yes, I have burned and/or cut myself on a few occasions while baking and cooking.

2. Have you ever put in a wrong ingredient in a dish (sugar instead of salt, for example)?
Not that I can remember. I usually try to double check everything. I have forgotten an ingredient before. It was when I was making cookies and I forgot to add the milk. Put I was able to add it at the last minute.

3. Have you ever dropped, or otherwise ruined, a dish just before serving it? Bonus points if you had a large number of people waiting to eat it.
I have dropped food before and dropped cups filled with pop but I don’t think I have ever drop a whole dish right before serving it and God willing I never will.

4. In case you aren’t a cook – Have you ever had a restaurant make a klutzy move that affected your meal? Tell us about it!
I don’t ever remember being out at a restaurant and having them trip, fall, spill anything. If they have it has not been in front of me.

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