Way To Go Raven!

Yesterday my Dad picked Raven up so she can spend the weekend with him and my step-mom in Ohio. She has been looking forward to her weekend trip. Well, this morning I get a phone call from my Dad saying Raven has finally learned how to ride a bike. He said she was just playing around on an old bike that one of the kids left at my Grandma Kimball’s house and she coast down the little hill on the bike all by herself. She was so proud, as am I, and my Dad is buying her a better and bigger bike. He was calling to ask the size of the bike she has now, which is a 16”.

She has been struggling to learn how to ride a bike for awhile. Which is no surprise since it’s hard as hell to learn to ride it in our yard and she can’t ride it in the road cause of the assholes who speed like a bat out of hell. And of course the cops won’t do anything until some child is hurt or *god forbid* killed by these assholes.

Anywho. I am so proud of her!

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