I have wrote before about my brother-in-law Eric’s Christian band, DecembeRadio. They are a very talented and cool band. Don’t believe me then visit their website or myspace page and listen for yourself. They where up for a grammy but didn’t win. Anywho, if any of you watch the show Hazard Pay on the Discovery Channel pay attention to the theme song. That is DecembeRadio’s song Dangerous!

Last month my tarantula Spooky died. Mike bought him for me as an early Christmas present in December 2002. I wanted a tarantula to help get over my fear of spiders, though I am scared of them I do not go running in the other direction when one is around I simply kill it. It didn’t work, I am still scared of those eight legged devils. Anywho, after Spooky died Raven and I buried him out back and clean out his cage and tuck it away upstairs thinking we wouldn’t be needing it anytime soon. Well, Thursday my cousin Daniel came over and said that his neighbors son got a tarantula that he wasn’t suppose to have and his parents where going to make him step on it if he couldn’t find someone to take it. And of course Daniel thought of me. So I asked Mike if he cared and he said “No, you’re the one who has to take care of it” so I went with Daniel and got it. He is a Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, same as Spooky was, and I named him Lucius. Now I kinda regret taken him but I couldn’t let him get squashed. Oh well, they are not hard to take care of. Just keep their water bowl filled up and throw a cricket in there and they are good to go.

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    July 1, 2007 at 6:55 pm

    So, do you like.. pet them crawl over your hands and stuff? OR do you not really touch them?

    Your kitty emoticons are so cute!

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