Can you believe that it is only July and I am all ready thinking about Christmas. I know it may be a little early but I like to get a big jump on it and you can find some really great Christmas gifts for people months in advance that are either on sale or on clearance.

My mom is some what hard to shop for. She never tells you what she wants so you just have to shop blindly for her, hoping you get something she doesn’t all ready have. But this year she has all ready started “hinting”. She pretty much screamed “give me diamond stud earrings!”

So being the observant person that I am, I have picked up on her hints and am thinking about getting her a pair of diamond ear rings. She does really loves diamonds. I know it may sound a little expensive but if I order them from Whiteflash.com I could save a bundle and actually afford the earrings for her.

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