One of the pluses with buying a fixer upper is that you can treat yourself with new items for your home. Why not? You worked hard so you deserve to treat yourself right? Well hopefully we will get to do that some day soon, after we get our house finished of coursed. But sometimes I just can not wait and I go ahead and reward my self a little early.

So while comparing prices on a Executives Desk for our soon to be new computer / work room I ran across Furniturefromhome.com. Now I look at bedroom furniture a lot, comparing prices cause we are in desperate need of a new bedroom set, and they have a beautiful cherry sleigh bed that I would love to have at a very reasonable price. They also have a nice selection of living room furniture and home office furniture.

I highly doubt that I would ever buy furniture online but if I did, I defiantly would check Furniturefromhome.com first.

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