Smashed Pennies

When I was younger my Dad and Mom took me and my cousin Jenny to Kings Island in Ohio to spend the day. Of course at first Jenny and I ran around the park like chickens with our heads cut off, taking in all the cool new things we were seeing and planning on which rides we defiantly had to do and which ones we would rather skip. Of course there was certain things that were required of any child to do when visiting a theme park such has buying merchandise with the theme park’s name printed on it and spending one dollar and a penny on a penny press machine. You know what I am talking about. Where you place a penny into the machine and it smashes it flat with an engraved picture of whatever. The one at Kings Island at the time we went, you had to crank the penny machine yourself. Now a days they have electric ones, like at Walt Disney World where we got way too many of those smashed pennies.

Do any of you have a smashed penny or two?

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