Vacation Rentals

Mike, Raven and I all love Florida. We have only been there once on our honeymoon to Walt Disney World and we would all love to go again. What’s more magical then a place ran by a mouse? Nothing I tell you, nothing at all. But finding the money to go down there for a week is why we haven’t been back down. On our honeymoon we stayed inside The Magic Kingdom and though the convenience and the resort were wonderful the price of it all was not. When we do decide to splurge and take another trip to Walt Disney World, which I hope is soon, instead of staying inside WDW I think we might look into those Vacation Rentals. You get a better deal then with going to a hotel cause with a vacation rental home you also have a fully equip kitchen. So that way you don’t have to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week. That right there would probably save you one heck of a pretty penny! And if there are so many Orlando Vacation Rentals available that I am sure we would be able to find one that would meet all our requirements.

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