I don’t think I would ever get a tattoo. Not because I find them offensive or anything but I just don’t think I could sit through a needle going in and out of my whatever. Though I would like to be able to get one. Instead of sucking it up, being tough and sitting through the experience I could chicken out and get one of those custom temporary tattoos. And the best place to find all your temporary tattoos needs is TAT International

TAT International is the industry leader in temporary airbrush tattoo supplies. They offer a huge selection of stencils, tattoo kits, ink and even body art equipment.

Temporary airbrush tattoos are even great for kids parties, fairs, carnivals and such. I remember when I was younger and went to fairs I always, always got some sort of tattoo. Of course in those days they where painted and didn’t really look like a tattoo and the cat or butterfly I would get would be lopsided. Now they have airbrushing so you get a temporary tattoo that actually looks good!

So get your rear over to TAT International and start tattooing today!

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