Mike had to go down to Parkersburg for something that I am not going to announce yet cause I do not want to jinx it at 9:40am yesterday morning and he wanted me to go with him so I put my iPod and a Stephen King book in my purse so I would have something to do while I waited in the car and yesterday morning we dropped Raven off at my mother in laws and headed on down to Parkersburg. It took about 1 1/2 hour to get there and we stopped at McDonald’s and got something to eat for breakfast. I was going to bring the camera with me but we where rushing out the door and I forgot all about it.

Mike went and did his thing and we came back home, stopping to pick up Raven. When we got home Mike went almost straight to bed. He has been up since 5pm Monday afternoon since dumb ass Toys R Us decided that they would make him work the night shift thus screwing everything up.

So hopefully we will find up more about the thing I am not going to announce yet cause I do not want to jinx it with in 2 weeks. God willing this will be a step in the right direction.

11 days until Mike’s vacation starts!

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