Makes You Want To Scream

Something I can not stand is spam and every time I log into my email account I have a butt load of it. Companies trying to sell me viagra, wanting me to sign up for credit cards and offering me a free iPod if I order a certain amount from their online discount store. I get a headache just sorting through all of it trying to find the legitimate emails. Add that to all the spam I get for my online store and it’s enough to make you want to tear your hair out!

It got so bad that a couple of months ago I was about ready to throw the computer out the window when I found Concentric Total Solutions. CTS is a leader in hosted applications who provide services for small, medium and growing enterprise businesses and offers collaboration software. They offer anti spam services which stops spam, viruses, directory harvesting, denial of service attacks, fraud, phishing schemes, and other debilitating email bombs or attacks by blocking them at your perimeter. CTS offers tools to filter incoming mail before it reaches your email infrastructure, easy interface for your account and a highly qualified professional support team to help you with your set-up and answer your questions.

CTS does not stop at anti spam services. They also offer DNS hosting, groupware tools for team collaboration and professional services that are tailored to your needs.

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