In February our television that I love crapped out on use and we had to buy another. Before we bought another one we did some shopping around online just to get a good idea of what we could afford. While I was browsing I ran across AbtElectronics.com which is a leading retailer of quality consumer electronics and appliances. They have a huge selections of appliances and electronics. From ice makers to televisions and everything in between! Plus they offer free shipping on all orders under 50 pounds and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

In the end run we didn’t buy our television from them cause our tv was still under warranty with Circuit City so we just threw in an extra $200 to the credit the gave us of $790 and bought at 34 inch Toshiba high def flat screen. But I have been looking at the home trash compactors that AbtElectronics.com sells. That (or a garbage disposal) would be a great Christmas present for my Mom and Nan.

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