I Would Love To

Even though it is not something that we can pull of right now, Mike and I have discussed possibly taking a cruise to the Caribbean sometime in the future. Of course this is discussed just like when we talk about going to Japan and things of that nature. Something that we can not do in the present but hopefully we can pull off in the near future. Actually after I did some research on the subject it seems as if taking a cruise is rather doable. I always thought it would cost a pretty penny and I was happily surprised when I found out that for just a few hundred dollars per person you we could enjoy a 6 night cruise. Of course before we would actually book it we would have to plan what type of cruise we wanted. Mike and I both said we want a free style cruise where you do what you want when you want. It would be our vacation and I don’t want someone bossing us around when we are suppose to be relaxing!

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