Because of the problems that where going on, I was unable to do anything except have a cake for Mike’s birthday this year. I do feel bad and I am hoping to be able to make it up to him on his next birthday. I would love to throw him a big birthday bash, with his family and friends, filled with good food, good fun and good people. Of course there will be a lot of planning involved and one of the first steps would be to pick out an invitation. This is something that many people over look cause it’s just an invite, right? Wrong! The invitation sets the mood for the whole party so choosing the right one is rather important. And with VistaPrint I can make my own unique custom invitations with my one of a kind design so I am sure to get the perfect fit for Mike’s party. But it doesn’t just stop at birthday parties. With VistaPrint I can design my own Moving Announcements, holiday greetings and even Save the Date cards! All at a reasonable prince that won’t send you to the poor house! I’m actually getting kinda excited about this . . . but I still have seven months until his next birthday! Well, it’ll give me plenty of time to plan.

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